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Best AI Hotel Chatbot for Improved Guest Experience & Service

The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots in Hotel Industry ProProfs also offers detailed reports and analytics with metrics like chat ratings and CSAT scores that help businesses monitor and improve their support performance. Plus, the bot performance report can help you analyze your chatbot’s performance and optimize it for maximum efficiency. Proactive engagement is one of […]

What is Natural Language Understanding NLU?

What Are the Differences Between NLU, NLP, and NLG? NLU researchers and developers are trying to create a software that is capable of understanding language in the same way that humans understand it. While we have made major advancements in making machines understand context in natural language, we still have a long way to go. […]

The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Sales in 2024

AI in Sales: Artificial Intelligence Tools to Drive Your Deals Dialpad automatically generates full conversation transcription, tracks action items, and identifies keywords. They can also use ChatSpot or Gong to automatically capture and transcribe sales calls. These reps then have the much-needed context to close deals faster while saving them time they’d have otherwise spent […]

The Best Chatbots for Twitch Streams: How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs

Best Twitch Bots in 2023 Chatbots etc Amazing Bots For Your Stream This can be a turnoff for some users, especially those who are just starting out. Additionally, Moobot can be quite complex for beginners to set up and use. One of the key advantages of Streamlabs Chatbot is its ability to integrate with other […]