Featured School

Lakeview Montessori School is one of the leading fully accredited private schools whose focus is 21st Century learning. Home to toddler through Grade 8 students, our aim is to achieve high academic standards and excellent personal skills: reliability, respect for others, intrinsic motivation, self-discipline, excellent work ethic, and lifelong learners. We provide a focused and disciplined learning environment where each student can fulfill his or her potential.Our school celebrates 35 years of supporting the creative and innovative citizens of tomorrow. We also have an international collaboration with our sister school in China which caters to students age 3 to 6 years. Affiliated with the American Montessori Society, LMS proudly hosts a Montessori Teacher Training Centre accepting student teachers from around the world. LMS is based on three main principles:

  • To follow a globally recognized education model. The atmosphere of LMS is supportive, creative and stimulating with small teacher to student ratios. Based on respect for the child and respect for the environment, the Montessori Philosophy of education is a natural foundation for the International Baccalurate Program.
  • A safe learning environment must be calm and orderly, so that teachers can teach and students can learn. We call this a “normalized learning environment”. A safe environment allows students to focus and feel the joy of making progress.
  • High academic expectations promote good results. We recruit well-qualified and motivated teachers. Students and parents receive regular reports about academic progress, as well as encouragement to improve. The classroom teacher is to each student his or her own personal mentor.